Selling Your Model Trains

Feeling a bit overwhelmed? We are here to help.

From a single, unique piece to lots with thousands of items, ReSourced Rails purchases model train collections of all sizes and values. Here are the steps in our process: 

  1. Inventory Your Collection - Provide Resourced Rails with some photos of the models and a list in Excel, Google Sheets, or PDF with manufacturer, scale, railroad name, and type.  
  2. Get a Quote - Values change regularly and price guides are just that - guides. Our quote is based on market factors, recent sales, condition, and collection size. We typically offer 40-60% of fair market value as we assume all the risk in selling the items.
  3. Pack or Pick-up - We offer local pick-up for large collections or provide shipping labels for smaller collections. We provide full instructions with photos for safe packing of the model trains.
  4. Get Paid - Sign a Purchase Agreement and receive payment by check, wire transfer, or PayPal when we take possession of the model trains. 

Most importantly, we respect your privacy and believe in fairness, honesty, and transparency throughout the process.

Contact us at or by phone (312) 880-7258 to learn more.